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hi, i will tell you about my experience whenn PAMAN GOBER. PAMAN GOBER is the event that is held by SMAN 3 Bandun PAMAN GOBER. PAMAN GOBER organized by one of extrakulikuler at SMAN 3 Bandung.The students should join this event, not only students, teachers can also attend this event. in this event we are obliged to wear a bicycle to around the route has been provide. for student who did not bring bicycle can borrow a bicycle that provided by the school with the regulation appointed. the requested requipment is write the data the school requested.

we start from Lapangan Bali, before we start bicycling we follow opening ceremony first, who led ceremonial is Pa Andang.after finished the ceremony, we are ready to ride. the route we took is started from lapangan bali. we are riding a bicycle toward lapangan belitung toward lapangan belitung, straight up pf five, turn left towards lombok sreet, straight up to enter the citarum street, straight up to enter diponegoro street, turn right enter the supratman street straight so meet the junction of supratman and katamso street, turn left.From the gas station katamso turn right into the terusan cisokan street  and finally we arrived at the planting place, after we arrived at the planting place we gathered at the field first, at the field we do the handover of plants from the school to resident in the area there. in did the planting every class despatch 2 people for a representative. every the representative class required to bring cropping tools, before we start plant we shown example growing up.

After finished the planting we continue cycling to other place, started from where the planting process we countinue riding a bicycle to laswi street, BKR street, moch ramdan street, karapitan street, sumbawa street, and we arrived at kalimantan street.

after arriving in SMAN 3 Bandung, students who borrow the bike must returned the bike that has been borrowed. lending this bicycle not charged any. by the way, the teacher also attend this event. althought very tiring we don't to lose with the teacher, teachers seemed so happy to participate this event.

 It is fun to ride around using bicycle, althought enought weary. a lot of accident that occur when cycling, for example there is a chain bike broken, so that his bicycle must be taken by car.
we are really happy with this events, because with arranging this event we can have often using bicycle. using bicycle a lot of benefit.i am very grateful to this events.

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