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10 Amazing Things in Tana Toraja 

 Funeral Ceremony 

Torajan people has strong beliefes about life after death. That’s the reason why the funeral is special than any ceremony. After a person death, family will keep the body for a while (often few years) and waiting for the perfect time to do the ceremony. December is the best time to visit Toraja if you want to see the funeral ceremony. The ceremony will be held up to weeks with traditional dance and music, buffalo fight, and slaughter of buffaloes and pigs. The richer the family, the longer the ceremony and more buffaloes slaughtered. It could be the most elaborate and expensive funeral in the world.

Burial Caves
There are three methods of burial in Tana Toraja: the coffin may be laid in the cave, laid in a carved stone grave or hung on a rocky cliff. One grave can accomodate a whole family. A wooden carved sclupture of the deceasted called Tau-Tau usually placed in front of the grave looking out over the land. In August, there is an event called Ma’nene, the deceast will be washed and groomed in a new dress and then the mummies are walk around the village. Believe it or not, it happen!
Burial Caves in Lemo, Tana Toraja

Bolu Market
This is the place for animal trading, mostly buffalo and pig. Bolu Market is held every 6th day. Don’t be surprise if you ask the seller about an albino buffallo’s price and they say $35000. They are not trying to rip you off. What does make a buffalo that crazy expensive? You can only find albino buffaloes in Toraja land. And it’s about pride. No matter how beautiful your house or how expensive your car, you are not rich if you don’t have the albino buffalo called Tedong Bonga.
Tedong Bonga in Bolu Market

Batutumonga is a highland village which has scenic panorama. The road uphill is not really nice, but when you see the rice terrain combine with blue mountain and gloomy weather, you would think it all worthed.

Once you are in Batutumonga, don’t miss the beautiful views from the top of Mount Sesean. It’s a bit tricky to find the way up because there is no sign. Just ask the local people and they would be more than happy to show you. If you passing through a house with a loud barking dogs, you are in the right way.

If you eat pork, you have to try Pa’piong, pork and vegetables cooked in bamboo tube. If you don’t, you can find Pa’piong with chicken or fish instead of pork. It’s available in some restaurant in Rantepao City. Bakso Babi (pork meatball) also a must try.

Is the traditional house of Torajan people. It stands high on the wooden piles, topped with a layer split bamboo roof in arch shaped, wooden carving on the exterior wall, and decorated with several buffalo’s horns.

Toraja Arabica Coffee  
Toraja’s arabica coffee carries high reputation among the coffee lover. It brought from a region called Kalosi in southern Tana Toraja. Buying coffee as souvenir in Toraja probably the best idea because it comes with a nice packages, in a carved bamboo tube or wooden case.

Megaliths and menhirs can found in some place in Tana Toraja, but the most popular one is Bori Parinding. It is on the way to Batutumonga, stands in the middle of rice field. That are part of ceremonies and rituals.

Clear Water Rafting
There are plenty of tour organizer in Rantepao that can organise rafting. They will take you down the hill through the muddy road to reach the river. You will see stunning sceneries from the forest, village to the rice fields while floating in the river.

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