Kamis, 22 September 2016


hello, i wiil tell you my experience in FESTIVAL BUDAYA MEGANTARA. FESTIVAL BUDAYA MEGANTARA  held in lapangan Bali, I was there delivered by my brother Faisal and my father Arya Mulyawarman. This event was held in afternoon.before the event starts we held a parade in the surrounding
area, to encourage citizens to come to mgantara.

Megantara is a very interesting event, Megantara is an event that elevates the cultural traditions of Indonesia.Megantra is an event organized by SMAN 3 Bandung, there we can see the various events that the various cultures in Indonesia.Megantara also display a variety of clothing culture in Indonesia.Megantara was held in order for diverse cultures Indonesia is looking very much and interesting.

in Megantara we also have seen a wide variety of customs that exist in various regions of Indonesia, there we can see the various events that the various cultures in Indonesia. there we can see a variety of clothes regions in Indonesia, not only is it in Megantara also serve to show us in a very unusual as well, there we can see performances jaipongan. jaipongan which is a traditional dance in Indonesia is very good, not only the traditional dances can we see there, in megantahra we can also see various shades of batik in Indonesia.custom Istiada was presented with a form that we can follow. there are also many booths that we can visit, at the various booths we can see the different cultures that exist in Indonesia

 This event is very interesting, because with this event we can see and appreciate the wide variety of cultures existing differencess in Indonesia.
not only culture will be displayed in the show, there are also modern elements in the show. in this events we bring RAN band and also The Changcuters, in this events we enjoy with them, this event is very exciting.
this is my experience in Festival budaya megantara SMAN 3 bandung.


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