Senin, 09 Januari 2017

My Holiday

Hasil gambar untuk sawah

last week when my family and i spent our vacation time, we went  to my grandmother house. my grandmother house located in Tasikmalaya. at there a lot of beautiful scenery. one of them is mountain, rice field, and many more. we had purposepul to spent our vacation in grandmother house because we want refres our mind. at grandmother house we can see many kind of scenery and we can play at rice field. not only that we also could eat food very tasty. my aunty, my cousin also live at my grandmother house. for spent our vacation together we have planing to go to sea.

Hasil gambar untuk pangandaran

finally we went to Pangandaran
at Pangandaran  we could play many game. one of them is bicycle,APV, and many more. my family and i played bicycle. we had many experience at there.
we just spent one day our vacation at pangandaran. but my family very happy.

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