Senin, 27 Februari 2017

Learn From Nature

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           Nature is where we are, nature  is a gift that God gave to us. We duly obliged to keep the nature, because without nature we can not live. Many people want to interact with nature, because with us to interact directly with nature we can feel directly how God given us the gift of a very beautiful. We can learn a lot from nature, how nature can dispels all existing disaster. Many people live in the nature, but they do not know how the nature should be treated.
Beauty in simplicity is perhaps the most obvious thing we receive from nature. As long as you are receptive to feeling it, and do not just walk on by with your head down and your crowded thoughts in the puzzling world of the mind. Everywhere around us the beauty of nature resounds! When you take a walk, practice quietieng the mind, focussing on your breath and really to smell the roses. There is so much beauty all around us. Take time out to be in nature and experience the vastness and dedpth of the blue green ocean the beauty in the simple and natural things in our environment.
A lot of lessons we can take from nature. From nature we can learn how we should live, for example: water continues to flow through life regardless of whatever is in front of him. how the trees kept standing beside there are strong wind, how forest still trying to remove oxygen even a lot of smoke fumes that interfere, and many more. Nature had given all they had for us, but whether we are giving all we have for nature, I think we have not give all what we have. Maybe everyone thought they had keep nature, but they still do everything that destroys nature, for example many people still smoking and it is smoke ascended ascended natural causes disturbed, a lot of people burn waste in a fact a result of smoke the waste can result in nature damage.
Nature also teaches us to be humble. There is a quiet strenght in humility. It is a not a passive quality. Humility is needed in our everday live in many encounters we have with other. Where most can we see this divine quality in Nature? Just take a good look at the green grass beneath your feet. Grass potrays humility, as countless pairs of feet walk all over it every day. It does not complain or wither away. In fact it usually springs back up, unharmed each time. How wonderful is it to walk barefoot on soft green grass? This is somethinbg that can be very healing to do .
We also can learn to overpower the impossible from mountains. Every human that has taken birth has some purpose of his existence. Our aims are intertwined with these purposes and together there are effort made to succed. When you look at the mountains, another magistec creation of God , the first thought that strikes is the strenght and determination to aim high. These gigantic structures help you discover that imposible is nothing, if you are strong mentally there is nothing that is going to cease you from achieving succes. So dream high and be determined to achive it.
We as humans actually can make changes to nature, we can improve nature with the ways that simple. With a simple things that we do, we can improve nature the place where we live. Simple things that we can do anywhere, for example we can lower cigarette smoke by meand of reducing smooking. By doing the simple things we can improve nature where we live. Do we have done things simple it to fix nature? Of course you have been doing things that simple. Whatever the small things you do, it is can make the nature changes. Nature can makes more you comfortable if nature has been more comfortable. So do the simple thing that make nature more comfortable, and you can feel the change. Do what you can to change the nature and feel the change what nature gave for us.

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