Senin, 06 Maret 2017

My Mother ( compliment )

I really so happy because i have a great mother.My mother live at Bandung. My mother is a person who make me very proud. her name is Juhaeni,

she is always help me if i was in distress, how a great person she is. my mother always give anything what i want, whatever i want extent possible she achieving. she is always make me happy, for example when holiday come, my mother always take me to place where i want, this is a simple things but i really happy. my mom is a stronget woman i have ever met, althought i always furious her, she is always impatient me, what a patients she is.  my mom always remind me to be kind to someone else. my mother always teach me to be a great person, because if  we treat other well, other will also treat us well..

when me and my mother go to mall, and if we want to buy clothes we always sparred, because the choice of me and my mother always different, and finally we dont buy any. me and my mother always having an oponions that different, that is why we often debate. but if we already know our mistake,we always pardoned each other, my mother always taught me to tolerate each other. my mother taught me a lot. that why

 i really proud of her.

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