Selasa, 21 Maret 2017

 Horizontal :

1. the founder is Issac Newton
13. the anthonym of crowded
14. a really small insect
15. you can see many animal
16. when you are hungry in the middle of jungle, do you want to eat meat. what should you do?
12. in english 'selesai'
5. if you just broke up with your soulmate and you get dperesse, what would you do?
17. before you wash, you should .... your your clothes will be wet.
18. the question of 5w+iH
19. the liquid in your pen
9. something that you can put many goods.
20. something that you can see in arktik.
21. you will say this, if you want to great someone.

Vertical :
1. the colour of leaf
2. if you went to be healthy. what should you do?
4. what you use tho chew ?
5. the place that you live in
3. conjution
6. the thing that fisherman do
7. 12.00 pm is?
8. the synonym of bewildered
9. one of public trans
10. if you feel falling in love, and your crash is still have a relationship with your bestfriend hat should you do

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